Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Click here for more relatable!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Click here for more relatable!

yeah i wish.. :(
Wednesday, September 11, 2013
First Picture :)

this is the very first picture on my ipod touch.. :)

it’s his birthday that time so yeah. i posted this on a facebook group…

Wednesday, September 11, 2013
bring me back in TIME!!

This is kind of “frustrating”.

This past few years i gain weight!! :(

This picture is from 2010 or 2011.. 

right now i am trying to loose some weight.. :’(


Sunday, April 7, 2013
i am so tired..

i went to church then smx for beauyy and wellnes convention then thailand expo..

Monday, January 7, 2013
PAST.. :) .. (I MISS our Conversations)

okay this post it from like 1 or 2 years ago.. a conversation of  me and my ‘friend’

I found this on my e-mail. 

I do know I saved our conversations on my e-mail but while I was cleaning up my mail I saw this..

and it bring back MEMORIES!! (good and bad memories.. :) ) here it goes..

 this one is kind of funny for me because during my birthday he was kind of busy and we had a chat 2 days after my birthday..i am not really sure what i said but looking at what i saved ..this conversation is  about me thinking he forgot my special day. but seems not and there’s the ‘like’ thing.. OR HIS STATUS was ‘running away’ anyway here.. :)

YK: i did not forget it!
ME: what?
YK: i did not forget your birthday!
ME: i don’t care about that and YK i’m not forcing you to like me.. you said liking you is i did.. but what’s with that ? running away?
YK: running away form liking you and hiding that all this time
ME: why?
YK: Because if i tell you„ you always bring MZ (the girl) up in the conversation
ME: before i’m asking you… you like her don’t you.. you always tell me *name of his friend (HY)* likes her.. i’m not asking about HY.. i’m asking about you..
YK: but i have told me many times i don’t like her
ME: no point in talking about that now..
YK: no there’s a point
ME: what’s the point?
YK: the point is you don’t believe in me that like you right? *name of my friend* CF was the first one to know about it. that time she tease me that i like you
ME: that’s a long time ago..why bring that up..
YK: yeah it was but seem like you really want to so forget it
ME: and how did you appear again on my ym.. i know that i delete you from here
ME: know what… after i delete you… 
ME: i’m forcing myself to like someone..
YK): justin don’t force..
ME: well i already did
YK: that’s nice.
ME: how can that be nice?
ME: forced smile?
YK: then don’t force because i’m telling you i like you a and seem like you don’t
ME: what?  you know that i like you from the start
YK: then why are you forceing yourself to like someone else
ME: because there’s no point in loving you…you didn’t say anything before..
YK: because i was scared
ME: scared of what?
YK: that MZ can start saying bad stuff again because i like you it always, i liked someone she go telling people i’m bad and all that all because i never say i wanted her, and i was scared she knew we are together she get all like that and put people against you and me again… that’s why
ME: i don’t care about what people say! and i don’t care about what she say!!
YK: but she can hurt you justin
ME: i don’t care about that…
YK: well i care because she can hurt you, she can say stuff again like when she start saying bad stuff if we were together
ME: those were just words..and she can’t do anything except that
YK: but still might hurt you 
ME: i’m fine with it..words cant harm me
YK: but when she say stuff you believe in her
ME: you think were really close? not really. she just call me onee-chan and that’s it.
YK: i lie to myself and i did not like it at all…that’s why i’m asking for forgiveness
ME: thinking…
YK: …gomen
ME: its fine :)
YK: thanks
ME: taking it back..
YK: nani
ME: you forget my birthday… I can’t forgive that..XD
YK: GOMEN! happy late sweet birthday
YK: actually i celebrate your bday here XD
ME: i don’t believe it..
YK: ok then ask them. the one you always trust
ME: i will..
YK: tell me when you finish
ME: done…YN *his friend* said no…haha..nah.. YN said you did..
YK: see
ME: i thought you’re just kidding.. and you eat a LOT!
ME: poor *** and *** .. (sorry can’t say his friends name)
KY: they where late. not my fault
ME: YN said you almost ate it all..
YK: well i did
YK: but it’s their fault, they where not there on time
ME: alright you’re forgiven!

*that’s the first one.. here’s more of our other conversation*

ME: hey!

YK: sorry im talking to *name of friend* so she can keep an eye on you

ME: me? eeh.?.

YK: you did not hear i say that! (he’s saying that i didn’t hear/read that he said those things)
ME: why are you keeping an eye on me?
YK: i have reason
ME: like?
YK: i have to keep an eye on my future girl
.. these are the days that i want to SCREAM like a little girl. 
that time i was 18 and he was 20 ..  Gosh i am already a ”lady” and he is already an adult.. well not teen.. 
every time i read our conversation. I CAN’T HELP BUT SMILE!!!
Monday, January 7, 2013
Monday, January 7, 2013
MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE (super late greeting.. :) anyway.. this is how i look during christmas.. it’s not edited or whatever.. :) 
Monday, January 7, 2013
WELCOME 2013!!


i’ll post random pictures from past to present.. :)

i’ll start!!! 

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

happy valentines everyone. ^_^

~who’s single? raise you’re hand.. ahha..^^

~off to somewhere i don’t know with friends.. ^^ 

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